ABOUT Elite Santa CLUB

The Elite Santa Club is a private collection of 10,000 unique Elite Santa’s characters

With each Santa’s proof-of-ownership stored on the Solana Network As An Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Every Elite Santa identity is a unique blend of pixel art and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, making each santa a one-of-a-kind, living, breathing work of art with its own distinct history.

Owning an Elite Santa, with over 300 hand-drawn traits, entitles you to automatic membership in a closed group of Elite Santa Club collectors, with great cash benefits and exclusive utilities reserved only for group members.


The Club

Launch Roadmap

  • 0 %

    Welcome to everyone on the Elite Santa Club project. A project that fits with the changes in our times while having an important utility. We have the honor to present to you a project that goes much further than the simple fact of holding an image in your wallet. Take a seat and prepare for the announcements that will follow!

  • 20%

    After the sale, 50% of the royalties will be reinvested in development projects and every month 50% will be redistributed to the holders directly in their wallets according to the number that will be held: 1 to 1300= 35%; 1301 to 4000= 30%; 4001 to 6900= 20%; 6901 to 10,000= 15%

  • 40%

    Large charitable donation and the launch of a Tesla giveaway campaign (1 Tesla for every 25% of sales), crystal digital frame, and t-shirt so that people can display their NFTs at home and be a part of one of the future larger communities.

  • 60%

    At 75% of sales, an extraordinary evening in a villa worth over $40 million will be organized for the holders (famous people, dancers, and surprises), and at 100% of sales, we will organize a second in another part of the world.

  • 80%

    The Elite Santa Club is introduced in the Metaverse in the form of art, giving access to one gift per year on Christmas Day as an NFT.

  • 100%

    Launch of v2 with only v1 Elite Santa Club holders authorized to receive a free nft. The v2 nft will be much more expensive because they will allow access to gifts in NFT form several times a year, and they will be in 3D for human use in the Meta. The Elite Santa Club v2 is being integrated into several metaverses, and a surprise collaboration with some of the biggest brands is in the works to offer unique NFT, each with a very specific value.

  • 110%

    Because surprise is our specialty and codes must be broken, we have decided to extend our roadmap and integrate you into a private investor group that will provide you with information from blockchain experts as well as experts in investment and the future of our world.

Development Roadmap

Take your place and be surprised by the most beautiful Santa has to offer.

After having invested hours of searching and investment for collaboration projects at the moment kept secret our nft's will be displayed in different Metaverses and will give access to very unexpected surprises. Isn’t that the role of Santa Claus?


When we reach 100% of our sales goal, we will organize events all over the world to which only Elite Santa Club members will be invited. These will be fantastic events about the blockchain, the world of crypto, nft, and investment, with great personalities and very valuable information shared. We will consider the holders suggestions for future projects in which they can participate.


Implementation of a staking platform specifically reserved for Elite Santa's holders to allow them to receive weekly royalties directly on it by staking the NFT'S. (The monthly payment on the wallet is only temporary until the implementation of the platform)


There will be a party at an undisclosed location to which all Elite Santa Club members will be invited without exception. To commemorate the occasion and become a part of history, each holder will receive an official invitation in the form of an NFT. All of this will, of course, be communicated privately, but we can say two things for certain. The party will take place in a villa worth more than $40 million for one week end.


Once the mintage is complete, we will notify you of the date when the Santa's will be introduced in the Metaverse in art form, allowing you to receive gifts directly at home in the form of NFT's in collaboration with official brands, as well as making your NFT take on a
large fundamental value.


This is why we have decided to donate more than
$150,000 to various charities that will build wells in countries where people do not have access to water, as well as charities that will bring food back to undernourished populations and assist children. Learn more on our Discord server.


We will take the holder's suggestions into account for a future project in which they can participate. And we'll work together to figure out how to improve what some of you want.


Full V1, V2 will be released, and Elite Santa Club members will receive V2 3D NFT, allowing them to receive gifts multiple times per year and break the codes. These NFT will be more expensive because they will give you access to more gifts and allow you to live in the Metaverse. Those who own v1 will be able to mint one with 80% discount on the price.


  • Santa Boss


  • Santa Hezyo

    Art Director

  • TSM

    Development Director

Have you ever seen Santa Claus?

Never that is why we have decided to make it exist in the Metaverse to transform our dreams into reality by making it come directly to us but the condition is that you hold one of these paintings.

Why these
Elite Santa's?

Evolution Is The Basis Of Our World

As the world’s functions and programs evolve, we have decided to do the same. It has never been clearer than now that the world’s codes, paradigms, and programs are changing. Our world is built on evolution. Our Elite Santas exemplify this magnificent philosophy, which promotes legality, diversity, and freedom. Why couldn’t Santa Claus come in a variety of colors? Why couldn’t he have been free to make his own choices in life without being judged and framed by the image society has always given him? Finally, why can’t the representation of Santa Claus, who is this wise, gentle, kind man who brings us surprises, be attributed to many of our loved ones in everyday life? Why should heaven’s surprises occur only once a year? After all, don’t humans deserve it?

We will leave you with these incredible questions, the answers to which are even more beautiful, and look forward to welcoming you to the Elite Santa Club’s incredible team.


Price Starts at 3 Solana.

No, we didn't want to put a presale in place to give everyone the same chance.

The public launch will be held on the 17 March 2022, at 21:00:00 UTC+1

You can mint a Elite Santa NFT's on the 17 March 2022, which is the launch date for the Elite Santa's Club NFT's. However, more information will be provided on the release date.

You can use your Elite Santa as a profile picture online,hold it to earn royalties % and you can also resell your Santa's for profit. The simple fact that you hold it will give you acces to the NFT's gifts, to the party and the introduction as art in the Metaverse before the V2.

Jump into our discord. All direct communication will happen there.

Yes, you will own all intellectual properties related to the Elite Santas, which means you will be able to create and sell merchandise.